Custom Fitting
Custom Fitting is available to all our customers and with our purpose built performance fitting studio it is no longer something just for the tour professional or lower handicap golfer.   

Custom Fitted golf clubs are tailored to you, your swing and your ability, built by the manufacturer to your custom fitted specifications.

We aim to help improve your game to the highest possible standard.

Custom fitted golf clubs along with 1st class coaching will improve your performance and ultimately your enjoyment.
Custom Fit Studio

Custom Fit Services

We offer a full professional, friendly Custom Fit Service on the following at our performance fitting studio near Romsey.
  • Driver Fitting
  • Metal Wood Fitting (Fairway / Hybrids)
  • Iron Fitting
  • Putter Fitting
  • Full Bag Fit and Ball Fitting

Custom Fit Charges Refunded with any order
Why Us?

Our Custom Fitting Performance Studio is second to none with our purpose built GC2 Full HD simulator (as seen on Sky Sports).

We Custom Fit all major brands including TaylorMade, Nike, Cobra and Wilson.

Over 20 years’ experience in coaching and club fitting.

Friendly environment with expert advice.

We are PGA Professional Golfers not professional salesman, we custom fit the sale to your needs, not ours.


Technology / Equipment

We use the latest state of the art technology to ensure we capture the most accurate data for your custom fit experience.
  • GC2 Launch Monitor
  • CSwing Coaching Software
  • 2Way fixed High Speed Camera Systems (Club face at impact & Down the line)
  • Touch Screen
  • 4000lms HD Projector
  • 4m x 5m Hi-Res Hitting Screen
  • Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls
  • Manufactorer Fitting Carts

121Golf Simulator

What to expect at your fit

We are here to help you improve your performance and ultimately your enjoyment of the game. This will give you an idea of what to expect from a Custom Fit with us and please contact us should you have any questions at all.

1.    Consultation
Call us or pop into the pro shop for an informal chat. This will 
       enable us to plan your custom fit to help acheive your goals and match
       your budget.

2.    Book an appointment
We are open 7 days a week including evening and weekends.
      Book your custom fit appointment at a convenient time.

3.    The Fit
Our GC2 launch monitor will capture the performance of your own and any
       new clubs used at your fitting.  Cswing software via our 2way high speed
       camera system can be used to record your swing if needed.

4.    The Data
       Captured data from the fit Including 'Ball Speed', 'Club Head Speed',
       'Club head Angle', 'Launch Angle', 'Push/Pull', 'Side Spin', 'Back Spin',
       'Carry' & 'Total Carry' along with any strike matt data will be displayed on
       our touch screen for you to see and discuss.

5.    The results / recommendations
Based on the captured data and feedback from you, including your initial
       goals we will make a recommendation that we both agree are suitable for
       you, your game and your budget.  This doesn't necesarily always mean a
       new club.

(Please note we don't charge for the fitting appointment if an order is placed)

6.    Custom Built
(If applicable) All the results and data from your appointment will be used to
       build a club or set of clubs custom fitted to your game.  We are an approved
       custom fit centre for all major brands including TaylorMade, Nike, Cobra &

7.    The results
We pride ourselves on the friendly environment and the expert service and
       advice we provide. Correctly custom fitted clubs increase confidence,
       accuracy, consistency and enjoyment, hopefully leading to lower scores.

8.    Follow up
Depending on your appointment and results we may suggest a follow up
       slot or coaching session to review your progression and help you get the
       most from your new custom fitted golf equipment.


We Custom Fit All Major Brands

Book an appointment today

To book a custom fit appointment with us at 121Golfshop, please either call us on 01794 329 344 or email us at

Or please just pop into the shop 121Golfshop Unit 8/14, Basepoint Centre, Abbey Park Industrial Estate, Romsey SO51 9AQ

If you have any questions at all or require any more information, or for just a quick friendly informal chat please dont hesitate to contact us.



Custom Fit at 121Golfshop

Book a custom fitting appointment today

How much does it cost?

A lot less than you may think.  

Custom fitted clubs should not cost anymore than a similar standard off the shelf set.  

The difference is that the clubs are custom fitted to your game and ability, built by the manufactorer to your specifications.  Helping to improve your game and enjoyment.

A custom fit appointment usually takes around 40 minutes for a driver or iron fit although we would normally advise you to allow an hour. That way you will have plenty of time to achieve what you want from your custom fit appointment.

The standard cost for a fitting is £40, this is just to cover the time we spend with you and 100% is refunded against any order you place. 


Next Step

Please call us in the Pro Shop on 01794 329 344 to book a custom fit appointment.

If you would like further information or for an informal chat to discuss your requirements please dont hesitate to call us or pop into the pro shop.

We are always happy to discuss any requirements or questions you may have and to show you our facilities and custom fit performance studio.

How to contact us

By phone on 01794 329 344

Via email at

In person at 121Golfshop, Unit 8/14, Basepoint Centre, Abbey Park Ind. Estate, Romsey, Hampshire, SO51 9AQ

We look forward to meeting you soon

121Golfshop Custom Fitting Centre

Private practice studio hire £20 for 1hour

13 Championship Courses to play on our simulator

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